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Chase’s New Glasses

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I love my little guy — he is so sweet and cuddly and makes us laugh all day long. But he is the hardest child to get a decent picture of! He likes making strange faces; when his smile is great, he is doing something strange with his eyes, when he is looking right at me, there is something weird going on with his mouth. It can be very difficult and somewhat frustrating when I tell him over and over, “Just do a normal face!” Sometimes he will return with, “But I thought I was doing the best one ever.” LOL

Chase got glasses last month and I decided it was time to get some pictures of him with the glasses he picked out. I made banana bread (Chase’s favorite!) to bribe him with and asked for “just one great picture” of him wearing his glasses. Chase agreed and told me that he was going to be perfect for these pictures. AND HE WAS!!! I could not believe it — there was not a single strange mouth or crazy eyes in any of the pictures I took of him. If only it were always this easy!

Here’s the hair I am used to seeing:


My New Year’s Resolution…

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…to post more! This past year has been wonderful! The first half of the year was packed full of wonderful sessions that I have not shared on my web log. I was so busy that this was put on the back burner. The second half of the year has been just as busy, but for different reasons.

Big news — we moved! We are no longer in Utah and are now in Sunny L.A.! Actually, we are not in L.A., we are about 20 miles South and right against the ocean. We have beautiful ocean views as I walk the kids to school and back every day and perfect weather so that we are able to walk every day! The business has been slowly getting up and running again as we have been settling in to our new home. This next year will be fun as I work to gain a new client base and work on that wonderful word-of-mouth advertising!

For now I will share this year’s Christmas Card and I will definitely post more in 2012 than I did in 2011! Happy New Year everyone. :)

Card 2011web


Memories, Birthdays… and Collin Raye

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I LOVE Collin Raye! I always have — ever since my older sister gave my a cassette of his first album about 20 years ago. “Love, Me” was his first release and to this day it still gets to me the way it did back then. I have probably been to about 15 of his concerts and each one was amazing. He can sing ANYTHING and he sounds just as good (or better) in person, which is not always the case with a lot of artists.

When I was 16, my best friend, my little sister and I took a road trip from our home in Dallas to my Grandma’s house in San Antonio. My parents allowed us to make the 4.5 hour drive on our own and our main reason for going was to go see Collin Raye playing at Fiesta Texas. We ended up getting front row seats and we were in heaven! To this day, my sister and I still talk about that concert and how COLLIN RAYE TALKED TO US! The three of us were wearing matching shirts (because back then it was cool to do that) that said “FBI” on them. In the middle of the concert, he looked right at us and said “Are you really in the FBI? Because you look a little young to be in the FBI.” We thought we were the coolest things on the face of the Earth! Over the years we have laughed about that many times and I have shared that story, along with my love of Collin Raye music, with my daughter.

A few months ago I found out that Collin Raye was going to be playing at a dinner theater in Salt Lake. He was putting on an intimate acoustic show in a theater that only seats no more than 150 people. I knew I had to be there! We decided to get a ticket for Annika as well and give it to her for her birthday, even though the show was about 6 weeks later. We got amazing seats in the third row, right in the middle. The show was this past Friday and, once again, it was amazing! Justin and I made it a point to tell Annika “happy birthday” several times that day and remind her that we were celebrating her birthday then. She probably thought we were crazy. Collin Raye sang some of his biggest hits as well as some new songs and some Rock-and-Roll covers. The best part of the entire night, though, was most definitely when Collin Raye sang “Happy Birthday” to Annika.

Collin Raye signed a print just for Annika and they gave her one of his Christmas CDs as a birthday present from him. It was most definitely a night that she will always remember and one day she will share his music and her story with her daughter, just as I did with her.


Happy Halloween!

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It’s that time of year again. I love Halloween! I love coming up with fun ideas for costumes. I love seeing the kids get so excited to show them off. I love seeing all the kids out in their costumes on Halloween night. I love that not too long after Halloween is Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Now all I need is to move somewhere warm because I am so not a cold-weather person! Here are our 2010 Halloween costumes. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

We have a Peacock:

A Boy Being Kidnapped by a Gorilla: (the sign says “Please Do Not Feed The Animals”)
James won “Best Overall Costume with this! We have had to explain this one to a lot of people — they keep trying to figure out who is carrying him. :)

And a Traffic Light: (complete with flashing lights and a personalized hat)
Chase won “Most Creative Costume” with this one!


For the Grandparents…

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We were all asked to speak in church today and the kids did such a great job! (I knew they would!) :) Between their talks, James and Annika sang a song while Justin played the piano and we heard from a few people things like “I don’t know what surprised me more, that the kids would get up there and sing by themselves or that Justin could play the piano!” The kids each talked about a favorite scripture story. I’m sure the Grandparents would have loved to have been there, so I am posting a video of Chase practicing his talk. He drew pictures of each part of his talk to help him remember that part of the story. The pictures are so cute! Wish I could show you all of those, too. Enjoy, Grandmas and Grandpas!


(Almost) Lost Files

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I completely forgot about doing these pictures of the kids a few months ago. I was looking through my personal pictures last week and found these that I never even got around to editing. You can tell Chase was just thrilled with having to get these done. LOL!


I can’t believe how fast they are growing up!

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It seems like every day I see something in my kids that makes me say “You are growing up so fast!” I constantly tell Chase, my 5-year-old, that he just needs to stop growing; and each and every time he gives me a list of reasons why that would not be a good idea. I can’t help but think “In only ‘this-many-years’ they are going to be ‘fill-in-the-blank-here.’” and as a Mommy it makes me sad. But, what else can one do besides enjoy every minute with them that I possibly can? :)




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It’s that time of the year again! I love Halloween. I love coming up with fun costume ideas with the kids. I love making them. I love the great memories of Halloween that I have from when I was a kid. This year Chase and Annika knew exactly what they wanted to be.

Annika decided on Cleopatra. The hard part about her costume was that it has to be able to be layered underneath for the cold Utah Halloween nights. Here’s what we ended up making for her. She loves it — but then she loves pretty much anything that I would consider (how do I nicely put it?…) tacky. :) I think it works on a Halloween costume, though:


Chase’s current favorite movies include Toy Story and Toy Story 2. He went back and forth on being Buzz Lightyear and Zurg for a bit but decided on Zurg because he has a really cool laser blaster gun. I confess — I bought his costume from the Disney Store. It would have cost me twice as much to make it (and to make it as warm as this one is) so I broke down and purchased it. Yes, I am quite certain my Grandma was looking down from Heaven saying “Shame on you!” ;) So to make up for it I made him his really cool laser blaster gun complete with flashlights for the lasers. Chase informed me later that Zurg’s gun really shoots little balls, but I have a feeling he will appreciate the extra lights when we are walking around Halloween night.


James was more difficult. First he wanted to be a lizard. (We still can’t figure where that came from.) Then he wanted to be a werewolf. Not just the teen-wolf one, but the full on big furry scary dog one. That fur is major $$$ and I knew it would drive him crazy wearing that all over his body (he takes after his Daddy and does not like being hot!) so we searched and searched for ideas for something else. We finally came up with a winner. He even won “Most Creative” at the school Halloween Carnival last night. He was thrilled!


At the last minute, I decided that I couldn’t go without dressing up this year (and didn’t want to be the same thing I was the last two years.) I wanted something quick and simple, so I decided on a black cat. James took this picture of me:


Happy Halloween everyone!


Let Them Be Little

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This morning the song “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean came on the radio. It was after I had taken the kids to school and I had an empty and very quiet house. I almost started to cry! A couple lines in the song say “Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle. Oh, and let them be little.” Chase is growing out of the stage where he comes and climbs in our bed in the middle of the night. On the occasions that he does, we love to snuggle together. James is at the age where he thinks he should act a certain way — to not show so much emotion towards me in front of his friends. We use to have this little hand signal and word that was just between us and I have noticed that he is less interested in them any longer. Annika is still just as sweet as ever but is getting so grown-up. She asked me to fix her hair up for her today for school. She looked so beautiful — so I had to take some pictures. :) Just stay sweet forever Darling!










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After football practice yesterday, James requested a certain location to do some pictures of him. He was already wearing his game uniform from the team pictures we did earlier in the day, so who was I to turn him down? ;) As I look at these, I can’t believe how big he is getting! He (and his brother and sister) is growing up way too fast! Can’t we just slow down time and keep them young and sweet and innocent a while longer?









And here is a storyboard I am offering to the players as part of a fundraiser for James’ team:



My Babies Are Not Babies Any Longer

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Chase started Kindergarten this week. I now have all 3 of my children in school full-time. It’s crazy — I don’t feel old enough for this! Chase was kind enough to humor me while I took a few pictures of him tonight… 5 to be exact. That was his stipulation. I miss him terribly during the day and will be so sad the day he forgets to tell me “I will miss you SO VERY much, Mommy!” when I drop him off at school. In my mind, I hear his sweet voice telling me that in my ear all day long until he gets off the bus and he says “I missed you so, so, so much today while I was at school!” That has been the ritual these last three days. I hope it lasts forever! *I love you Chasey!*





It’s pictures like this next one where I can really see that he’s growing up:



Are You Ready For Some Football?!!

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Justin has been counting down to the beginning of college football season and James is looking forward to his first game next Saturday. Here are a couple quick snaps of my big, tough boy. (Okay, actually he is one of the smallest out there but he’s doing great!)



And here’s what happens when you tell a bunch of little kids to go run into each other as fast as they can…




Family Pictures

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I have spent the day packing for my kids to go spend two weeks with their grandparents, as they do each summer. Between sorting through clothes and figuring out which toys to pack, I decided it was time to take a break. I found these family pictures that we did on Father’s Day (yes — I forgot all about them for a while!) and thought it was the perfect time to post them. Kids, we will miss you and all the noise and chaos that comes with you! :) Daddy and I love you very much!!!

You can’t see here how out of breath I am from running from the camera and trying to get set and look “normal” in just a few seconds… (for some reason my nifty little remote doesn’t like to work when I am using my strobes)



Annika loves the camera tilt…


So sweet…


Two of my boys. Chase wanted no part of it after so many tries it took to get the family pictures done right.


James wanted to take charge of the camera and got this…


And then the camera went back into Annika’s hands…


I wanted some pictures with Chase and he agreed — as long as he could have his back to the camera! We got a ton of pictures of the back of head before I could sneak him around enough to get these…






Have a great time, kids! I will think about you every second of every day! Love, Mommy


Air Show

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We had the opportunity to go to the practice run of the Hill Air Force Base Air Show earlier this month. It was great and there were a tiny fraction of the people as there were during the actual show. (I know because I went back the next day.) We got to see all kinds of cool stuff…








As you can see, they were thrilled with the whole thing… ;)



I just wanted the perfect picture

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People seem to think that I have 3 willing models any time I want to practice or play around. Wrong! It is so much easier to photograph other people’s children. When I drag my children into the studio, I am happy to get just one or two that I love.

I get a whole lot more of this…


and this…


than I do this…


And a whole lot of this…


and this…


before getting the one I love…


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