Chase’s New Glasses

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I love my little guy — he is so sweet and cuddly and makes us laugh all day long. But he is the hardest child to get a decent picture of! He likes making strange faces; when his smile is great, he is doing something strange with his eyes, when he is looking right at me, there is something weird going on with his mouth. It can be very difficult and somewhat frustrating when I tell him over and over, “Just do a normal face!” Sometimes he will return with, “But I thought I was doing the best one ever.” LOL

Chase got glasses last month and I decided it was time to get some pictures of him with the glasses he picked out. I made banana bread (Chase’s favorite!) to bribe him with and asked for “just one great picture” of him wearing his glasses. Chase agreed and told me that he was going to be perfect for these pictures. AND HE WAS!!! I could not believe it — there was not a single strange mouth or crazy eyes in any of the pictures I took of him. If only it were always this easy!

Here’s the hair I am used to seeing:

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