My New Year’s Resolution…

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…to post more! This past year has been wonderful! The first half of the year was packed full of wonderful sessions that I have not shared on my web log. I was so busy that this was put on the back burner. The second half of the year has been just as busy, but for different reasons.

Big news — we moved! We are no longer in Utah and are now in Sunny L.A.! Actually, we are not in L.A., we are about 20 miles South and right against the ocean. We have beautiful ocean views as I walk the kids to school and back every day and perfect weather so that we are able to walk every day! The business has been slowly getting up and running again as we have been settling in to our new home. This next year will be fun as I work to gain a new client base and work on that wonderful word-of-mouth advertising!

For now I will share this year’s Christmas Card and I will definitely post more in 2012 than I did in 2011! Happy New Year everyone. :)

Card 2011web

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