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Memories, Birthdays… and Collin Raye

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I LOVE Collin Raye! I always have — ever since my older sister gave my a cassette of his first album about 20 years ago. “Love, Me” was his first release and to this day it still gets to me the way it did back then. I have probably been to about 15 of his concerts and each one was amazing. He can sing ANYTHING and he sounds just as good (or better) in person, which is not always the case with a lot of artists.

When I was 16, my best friend, my little sister and I took a road trip from our home in Dallas to my Grandma’s house in San Antonio. My parents allowed us to make the 4.5 hour drive on our own and our main reason for going was to go see Collin Raye playing at Fiesta Texas. We ended up getting front row seats and we were in heaven! To this day, my sister and I still talk about that concert and how COLLIN RAYE TALKED TO US! The three of us were wearing matching shirts (because back then it was cool to do that) that said “FBI” on them. In the middle of the concert, he looked right at us and said “Are you really in the FBI? Because you look a little young to be in the FBI.” We thought we were the coolest things on the face of the Earth! Over the years we have laughed about that many times and I have shared that story, along with my love of Collin Raye music, with my daughter.

A few months ago I found out that Collin Raye was going to be playing at a dinner theater in Salt Lake. He was putting on an intimate acoustic show in a theater that only seats no more than 150 people. I knew I had to be there! We decided to get a ticket for Annika as well and give it to her for her birthday, even though the show was about 6 weeks later. We got amazing seats in the third row, right in the middle. The show was this past Friday and, once again, it was amazing! Justin and I made it a point to tell Annika “happy birthday” several times that day and remind her that we were celebrating her birthday then. She probably thought we were crazy. Collin Raye sang some of his biggest hits as well as some new songs and some Rock-and-Roll covers. The best part of the entire night, though, was most definitely when Collin Raye sang “Happy Birthday” to Annika.

Collin Raye signed a print just for Annika and they gave her one of his Christmas CDs as a birthday present from him. It was most definitely a night that she will always remember and one day she will share his music and her story with her daughter, just as I did with her.

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