Happy Halloween!

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It’s that time of year again. I love Halloween! I love coming up with fun ideas for costumes. I love seeing the kids get so excited to show them off. I love seeing all the kids out in their costumes on Halloween night. I love that not too long after Halloween is Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Now all I need is to move somewhere warm because I am so not a cold-weather person! Here are our 2010 Halloween costumes. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

We have a Peacock:

A Boy Being Kidnapped by a Gorilla: (the sign says “Please Do Not Feed The Animals”)
James won “Best Overall Costume with this! We have had to explain this one to a lot of people — they keep trying to figure out who is carrying him. :)

And a Traffic Light: (complete with flashing lights and a personalized hat)
Chase won “Most Creative Costume” with this one!

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