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I am honored to work with an award-winning photographer…

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…my very own Junior Photographer, Annika!

Annika entered 3 pictures in the Weber County Fair and 3 in the Utah State Fair and did amazing! I am so proud of her and her pursuit of a very special talent in photography and I am honored to have her as my Junior Photographer. :)

Here are the images she entered and how she placed:

County Fair — 1st place “Human Interest”
State Fair — did not place

County Fair — 2nd place “Weddings”

County Fair — 1st place “Journalism”
State Fair — 1st place “Portraits”

State Fair — 1st place “Journalism”

We were so excited to see how well she did at the County Fair and absolutely ecstatic to see how she placed at the State Fair with as many great entries as there were!


For the Grandparents…

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We were all asked to speak in church today and the kids did such a great job! (I knew they would!) :) Between their talks, James and Annika sang a song while Justin played the piano and we heard from a few people things like “I don’t know what surprised me more, that the kids would get up there and sing by themselves or that Justin could play the piano!” The kids each talked about a favorite scripture story. I’m sure the Grandparents would have loved to have been there, so I am posting a video of Chase practicing his talk. He drew pictures of each part of his talk to help him remember that part of the story. The pictures are so cute! Wish I could show you all of those, too. Enjoy, Grandmas and Grandpas!

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