Crazy-busy Summer!

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I can’t believe Summer is almost over — It has just flown by! Next week the kids go back to school and I can try to get things back to a normal routine. Of course, I’m not complaining about this Summer because it has been like one big vacation. We went camping several times, Justin and I went to Florida for a couple of weeks while the kids visited their Grandparents in Montana, we spent a couple of weeks in Texas visiting my Dad and brothers, spent a bit of time with my little sister in Albuquerque, and enjoyed West Yellowstone. I haven’t done much in the way of photography during all these vacations, but I did assist my sister-in-law in an amazing Logan, UT engagement and bridal session. While it was fun being the second photographer, I have to admit that it sure was hard to keep my mouth shut and not try to take over photographing this super-cute couple. Here are some of the images I captured from the first of the two sessions.

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