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Taylor is definitely one of my favorite people to photograph! She makes my job easy. :)


(Almost) Lost Files

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I completely forgot about doing these pictures of the kids a few months ago. I was looking through my personal pictures last week and found these that I never even got around to editing. You can tell Chase was just thrilled with having to get these done. LOL!


I can’t believe how fast they are growing up!

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It seems like every day I see something in my kids that makes me say “You are growing up so fast!” I constantly tell Chase, my 5-year-old, that he just needs to stop growing; and each and every time he gives me a list of reasons why that would not be a good idea. I can’t help but think “In only ‘this-many-years’ they are going to be ‘fill-in-the-blank-here.’” and as a Mommy it makes me sad. But, what else can one do besides enjoy every minute with them that I possibly can? :)


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