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Another Proud Mamma Moment…

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I just have to brag on my kids a little… :)

The National PTA has a program in the schools called “Reflections.” It is an art competition and there are several categories that the kids can enter for a specific theme each year. This year, the theme is “Beauty Is…” The projects must be completely done by the kids and the winners at the school level will be moved up to the council level and potentially all the way to the national level. This year all 3 of the kids did paintings of a beach scene on a 16×20 canvas, inspired by our trip to California. I can’t wait to get them all back so I can hang them together in my bedroom! Annika and James also had submissions in additional categories. James did an awesome picture of a beautiful sunset! It is another one I can’t wait to get the print back so I can frame and hang it:

IMG_0207 web

Annika’s second entry is in the TV/Video category. She wanted to enter in both the literature and photography categories, but found out last year that those are two of the most common ones. She realized that she would have a better chance in a category with fewer entries and figured out a way to incorporate both of those things she loves to do:

I can’t wait to see how all three of them do in the competition!

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