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It’s that time of the year again! I love Halloween. I love coming up with fun costume ideas with the kids. I love making them. I love the great memories of Halloween that I have from when I was a kid. This year Chase and Annika knew exactly what they wanted to be.

Annika decided on Cleopatra. The hard part about her costume was that it has to be able to be layered underneath for the cold Utah Halloween nights. Here’s what we ended up making for her. She loves it — but then she loves pretty much anything that I would consider (how do I nicely put it?…) tacky. :) I think it works on a Halloween costume, though:


Chase’s current favorite movies include Toy Story and Toy Story 2. He went back and forth on being Buzz Lightyear and Zurg for a bit but decided on Zurg because he has a really cool laser blaster gun. I confess — I bought his costume from the Disney Store. It would have cost me twice as much to make it (and to make it as warm as this one is) so I broke down and purchased it. Yes, I am quite certain my Grandma was looking down from Heaven saying “Shame on you!” ;) So to make up for it I made him his really cool laser blaster gun complete with flashlights for the lasers. Chase informed me later that Zurg’s gun really shoots little balls, but I have a feeling he will appreciate the extra lights when we are walking around Halloween night.


James was more difficult. First he wanted to be a lizard. (We still can’t figure where that came from.) Then he wanted to be a werewolf. Not just the teen-wolf one, but the full on big furry scary dog one. That fur is major $$$ and I knew it would drive him crazy wearing that all over his body (he takes after his Daddy and does not like being hot!) so we searched and searched for ideas for something else. We finally came up with a winner. He even won “Most Creative” at the school Halloween Carnival last night. He was thrilled!


At the last minute, I decided that I couldn’t go without dressing up this year (and didn’t want to be the same thing I was the last two years.) I wanted something quick and simple, so I decided on a black cat. James took this picture of me:


Happy Halloween everyone!

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