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Family Pictures

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I have spent the day packing for my kids to go spend two weeks with their grandparents, as they do each summer. Between sorting through clothes and figuring out which toys to pack, I decided it was time to take a break. I found these family pictures that we did on Father’s Day (yes — I forgot all about them for a while!) and thought it was the perfect time to post them. Kids, we will miss you and all the noise and chaos that comes with you! :) Daddy and I love you very much!!!

You can’t see here how out of breath I am from running from the camera and trying to get set and look “normal” in just a few seconds… (for some reason my nifty little remote doesn’t like to work when I am using my strobes)



Annika loves the camera tilt…


So sweet…


Two of my boys. Chase wanted no part of it after so many tries it took to get the family pictures done right.


James wanted to take charge of the camera and got this…


And then the camera went back into Annika’s hands…


I wanted some pictures with Chase and he agreed — as long as he could have his back to the camera! We got a ton of pictures of the back of head before I could sneak him around enough to get these…






Have a great time, kids! I will think about you every second of every day! Love, Mommy


My $45 Zucchini

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When I decide to do something new, I sometimes tend to go a little bit overboard. My wonderful, supportive husband can attest to that! :) I can’t go out and get *just one* to try it out, I want one of everything! This year I decided to plant a garden. We have a great space in the back of our yard for a garden (at least that’s what everyone has been telling me for the past two years) and I figured I have to pull weeds there anyways, so why not? Annika and I took a trip to the local nursery and I filled the back of my SUV with little plants. I was so excited to get home and plant them all in pretty little rows! That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of gardening. It has rained so much this summer and I am convinced that is the only reason my garden has survived. Now that the rain has backed off my garden is not looking so hot! I definitely do not have a green thumb… Hey, I do good to keep the kids and the dog going strong!

Here are a few things I have learned from my gardening experience:
1. Standing there watering the garden is boring.
2. Who ever says pulling weeds is relaxing is crazy.
3. I haven’t a clue what to do with all the herbs I planted.
4. The plants don’t give off a little at a time. When they are ready, they are ALL ready and you have to figure out what to do with them all before they go bad.
5. I would much rather go to the grocery store and buy what I want, when I want it.

I did pick some zucchini that looked ready the other day. They are still sitting on my kitchen counter because, frankly, none of us are all that fond of zucchini. (If anyone has some good recipes, I would be ever grateful!) Even if I get nothing else from my $45 worth of plants, I will consider this a success because I now know that gardening is not for me!



{Wedding} Mr. & Mrs. Shill

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I knew I would have more that I love as I edited them. Here are a few more that caught my eye…


Doesn’t she just look like a little Barbie doll standing here?…






One for fun — I love the great summer colors they chose!


…and just like with so many of our sessions, one of my absolute favorites it one that my very own Junior Photographer did…


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