Usually this page is reserved for me to talk about myself.  I
could tell you about my wonderful family that I have been
blessed with.  I could write paragraphs on the reason why I
got involved in photography.  I could share my likes and
dislikes.  Really, though, does it matter?  The important
thing is that I am here; equipment ready and passion in
hand.  I like to let my images speak for themselves.  You can
see my style and get a feel for my work by viewing my

Don't get me wrong -- I love to talk about my kids and how I
got to where I am now, and if you would like to know, don't
hesitate to ask.

This page, however, is dedicated to answering questions
you have about your session with me:
Question #1:  How much of an investment will this be?

First off, good for you for understanding this to be an investment... because
that's exactly what this is.  Imagine the joy when your quality custom images
and photographs continue to be passed down to your children, grandchildren,
great grandchildren, and on.

Your investment of $350 will secure you with a disk of the professionally
retouched, full resolution images from our portrait session.  Also included is a
DVD slideshow with all of your images set to music.  You are free to email, use
the images on social media, and have prints made with the vendor of your
choice.  If you prefer, I am happy to order your portraits through my
professional lab at a substantial discount from retail cost.  (Recommended for
large prints.)

I LOVE photographing weddings and would love to be a part of your special
Click here for infor wedding prices.   
Question #4:  What should I wear?

If you are wanting a beautiful portrait to hang on your wall that will stand the
test of time, simple clothing is best.  Solid colors without bold patterns or
distracting logos work well.  For pairs or groups, coordinating or matching
colors look best.  Blue jeans or khaki pants also lend to this timeless look.  
Long sleeves and pants or long skirts photograph nicely.  Remember to pay
attention to your shoes, too.  Just as with clothing, shoes should not have
distracting patterns or logos and should go well with the ensemble.  (No bright
white shoes with black shirts and dark pants.)  No need to buy a new pair of
shoes, though, since bare feet always look great!

For some, this look just doesn't work; they don't feel comfortable in a style
other than their own.  My goal is to capture the 'real you' and if this describes
you, by all means, be yourself!  If you are not comfortable in your clothing, it will
be apparent in your photographs.  Some of the most fun and hip pictures are
ones with the latest fashions or the most off-the-wall outfits.  Bright colors in
children's portraits are always exciting and this is a great way to show off that
cute new hat you just had to buy and will only fit
kiddo for a few more weeks!
Question #3:  How long will our session take?

As long as it needs to.  There is no rush and no set time limit to our sessions.  
We will take as much time as we need to capture the moments you cherish.  As
a general guideline, you should probably set aside at least an hour for a studio
session and an hour and a half on location.  Newborns often require a couple of
hours, since they like to stop frequently for feeding and changing.  
Question #5:  Where will our session be?

It's up to you!  I have professional studio equipment that I set up in my home.  
You can just show up and relax and I will take care of the rest.

We can also do the session in your home with your own surroundings, for a
more personal touch.  If this is the case, I may move things around a bit to
make for a more pleasing portrait background, but have no fear, I will return
everything back to it's original place by the time I leave.

If you want the great outdoors, I am always up for new locations -- they are fun
for me and add a new look to my portfolio.  For this reason, I do not add an
additional fee for travel.
Question #6:  What is your availability?

I understand how crazy your schedule can be so I am available for sessions
weekday mornings, evenings and weekends.  Email me at or call (801) 664-5881 and we will work
together to find the best time to create beautiful portraits for you and your
Question #7:  What forms of payment do you take?

I accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card through PayPal's
secure online website.
Question #8:  We had our session.  Now what?

Now is the hard part... you wait (but not for long.)  Once your images are
retouched, we will get together to view all of your images in a slideshow.  Start
thinking now of where you are going to hang all of your beautiful portraits once
you have them printed!
Question #2:  How many pictures will I get from my session?

There is no set number of images you will receive, as this number widely varies
from one session to another.  Rest assured, you will have a nice variety of
images and will find that perfect moment.  
Question #9:  I still have questions...

No problem.  I have answers!  Just send me an email at
or call (801) 664-5881 and I will be glad to
answer any questions you have.